Monday, May 23, 2011

Friday, November 19, 2010

Multum in parvro; much in less, thus was how my birthday was yesterday. I could go on raving and ranting about how boring and incomplete my birthday was, how wasted a day it could ever be. Plainly said, I was working during my birthday and ended it with a quiet dinner with my family and no presents from anyone. Well, I'd say I'm rather grateful for that peaceful, quiet dinner with my family at Chilli's.

People spent so much of their time complaining, not really appreciating the little things around them. They lack peace within themselves. They want more. Its not good to be greedy, but don't be complacent at the same time.

The lack of peace leads to problems of all sorts. You tend not to be contented. You become easily irritable, you argue, you complain, become belligerent and all sorts of negative traits begins to surface. It is only when you find true peace, can you attain happiness, through happiness, contentment; through contentment, humilty; through humility, wisdom and love. Peace is a very powerful word, often overlooked. Find peace, and you will learn its real power. To this, I made a special wish on my birthday morning. I wrote a little poem (while editing photos 18th November morning at 12am) to say it all:

I lay stark awake,
To the song of silence make.
To this peaceful November morning,
A new year in my life is dawning.
I have set my mind on sail,
To question my destiny’s tale.
From tranquil pastures of clout,
To shadowed valleys of doubt.
If tomorrow’s sun never break,
I’ll live today for your sake,
And yesterdays a history’s partake.
My life amongst the thousands,
Is only but a dust in the sands.
But it only takes a spark,
To bring light in the dark.

Today I wish for peace,
Peace in the world,
Peace amongst families,
Peace amongst friends,
Peace amongst strangers,
Peace within me.

Today is about you, not me,
And I thank you, dear God,
For a birthday.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Epic Lol.

Hehe. Video says it all :P

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Sunday, April 18, 2010


Ah well, I guess no one reads my blog anymore or poems for that matter. :(

Saturday, April 17, 2010


From the whisper of trees,
To the voice of the storm;
Lifted on scattered bees,
Revolving, changing its form.

Life is all but a moment,
A single chime of the clock,
Beyond human measurement,
Shaping our lives, steel and rock.

Days it can seem,
Hours it might be,
Minutes it could have been,
Or seconds some agree.

Yet I, shall treasure,
Every fleeting moment with thee,
Within the chasms of my chest,
Immortalising you.


Without you.

I lay,

Cease not,
Your love,
Your hand,

I am,
A man,
By imperfection,
Forgive me,
Embrace me,
I pray.

Friday, April 9, 2010

These Words

And I,
Shall write you a song,
Of words to keep,
Of words to remember,
When you flail in darkness;
Remember these words,
Words that'll hold you,
Words that'll embrace you,
Like a pillar of strength;
You will cease to fear,
Because I'll be your stronghold,
Because I'll catch your tears,
Because I'll stay,
Because of these words;
Faith, Hope and Love.